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Chinese patent medicines containing aspirin must be careful not to use that long-term use or may cause blood clotting problems
Nov 14, 2016

The State food and drug supervision Administration recently issued a bulletin urging flu preparation manual needed marked "Western medicine compound preparation, containing chemical substances". Experts also pointed out that proprietary Chinese medicine field in recent years started to add Western drug ingredients to increase efficacy. Consumers should be careful consumption of Chinese patent medicine containing aspirin, not suitable for long-term use. Long-term use can cause clotting problems.

As traditional analgesics, aspirin is often added to a number of proprietary Chinese medicines to treat colds. It is understood that the common Chrysanthemum of anti-influenza, Jinling cold tablets, sukeganmao tablets (capsules), can effectively treat or relieve symptoms caused by colds and fever. However, the reporter visited the Golden elephant pharmacy (Yong Li DIAN), good day pharmacy, health preserving Hall large pharmacy (Longcheer square) and many other pharmacies found that in-store sale and absence of aspirin-containing medicines. "The common cold and fever, we recommend regular medicine. "The clerk said.

It is understood that long-term use of aspirin-containing medicines may cause problems with blood clotting. Efficacy of aspirin can inhibit platelet aggregation, but long-term, excessive use, may also damage the gastrointestinal Mucosa, resulting in ulcers, bleeding or perforation, severe cases can lead to acid-base imbalance and even life-threatening.

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