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Future development of medicinal gelatin
Apr 30, 2017

 Future development of medicinal gelatin

In the total production of gelatin in China, the production of medicinal gelatin accounted for nearly 3. Over the past decade, the production of medicinal gelatin is less than 1 of the total output. Today, China's export of medicinal gelatin can reach USP, EP and the Japanese Pharmacopoeia side and other Western Pharmacopoeia quality standards. Since the outbreak of the economic crisis in 2008, China's exports of pharmaceutical gelatin is soaring.

So far, the two main uses of medicinal gelatin for the production of hard and soft capsule shell and tablet coating. In recent years, the western pharmaceutical manufacturers have developed a number of new uses of gelatin, including AIDS prevention and other specific uses of the drug gel special matrix material, the new tablet core coagulant and coating agent, etc.. The growth rate of gelatin capsules has slowed in recent years, because of the impact of the plant capsule shell, a considerable part of the capsule capsule to save the market share of medicinal gelatin.

According to foreign consulting firm's forecast, the next few years, the global demand for gelatin will reach more than 400 thousand tons, of which medicinal gelatin will account for about 18% share (about more than 70 thousand tons). With the continuous improvement of labor costs and rising production costs in developed countries, many European and American merchants have been imported from China and India and other low labor cost countries gelatin raw materials. Although China's current export volume accounts for only 13% of the international gelatin Market, I believe in the gelatin is optimistic about the prospects, this share will continue to expand the potential

ZheJiang Haidi Sen Capsule Ltd. located in Zhejiang Xinchang Confucian RuAo Industrial Park, known as China RuAo capsule town's reputation as a beautiful, pure water, fresh air and unique convenience opportune. In 2010 the company comply with the GMP requirements, using the most advanced technology and manufacturing hollow capsule production equipment New construction hollow capsule production base, in May 2011 by Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration's acceptance.

The company produces hollow gelatin capsules comply with the 2015 standard gelatin hollow capsules under the Chinese pharmacopoeia. Specifications and dimensions reached the ministerial standards, and suitable for your production process requirements, the company's long-term commitment for the stability of product quality and reliable, timely supply. For the use of units to provide good quality services. The company has a customer service department, from time to time carry out follow-up survey of product quality and quality information feedback, accept user feedback on the quality and timely take corrective measures to improve after-sales service. To ensure the normal order of production of users, we would like to sincerely destined, happy long-term cooperation.

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