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Hollow capsules features
Nov 14, 2016

Hollow capsule consists of gelatin and accessories from refining the hat, consists of two capsule shell. Mainly used to hold solid medications. Homemade powder, health products, such as pharmaceutical, for users to solve difficult entrance, the problem of poor taste, truly the best medicine no longer tastes bitter. Hollow capsules are becoming more popular, first of all, the slender shape of the capsule, and easy to swallow, and consumer's are the most popular dosage form; in addition, the capsule can effectively hide the contents of the unpleasant taste and odor. Capsule sizes are varied, including the No. 00 capsules without a long and 5th. Capsules on the printed text, trademarks and designs, presents a unique custom look.

Advantage of capsules: capsule can accommodate a variety of powders, liquid, semi-solid and pills. Furthermore capsule has better bioavailability, because capsules can dissolve quickly and reliably and safely.

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