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Application Prospects Of Plant Polysaccharides
Nov 14, 2016

Extensive biological activities of plant polysaccharides has been people, is involved in a variety of physiological metabolism of plant polysaccharides, can adjust the body's immune system, inhibits cancer, anti-aging, lowering blood glucose and lipids, radiation resistance and antimicrobial resistance to viruses and other biological activity, its activity and the source natural has strong potential in the application of the protection of human health. Through the study of plant polysaccharides, and clinical data to study the health of plant polysaccharides.

With the in-depth study on the biological activity of the polysaccharides, mechanism of bioactivity of polysaccharides, efficacy factor will be more clear and its applications will also be more expanded. However, because of the complex polysaccharide structure itself, a wide range of structural determination and purification of a great deal of difficulty and some polysaccharides content in natural plant low and difficult separation and pharmacological action of polysaccharides and many other factors, brought many challenges to the study and application of polysaccharide. This requires related fields together.

In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, people's awareness in health care increased. Main constituents of polysaccharide as a health food has been rising. Polysaccharides in China is rich in resources, in particular from plant polysaccharides of Chinese herbal medicine, has a long history and has a great prospect. Through structure-activity of polysaccharides and study on dose-effect relationship, people will use the abundant resources of polysaccharides, production of high added-value to polysaccharides (or compound polysaccharide) as the main ingredient of health food products, to improve physical fitness, health promotion, improving the quality of life of the people.

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