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Blue-white Medicinal Gelatin Hollow Capsules Longer Shelf Life
Oct 20, 2017

Gelatin is the skin of the skin, bone, tendon in the collagen, after partial hydrolysis, the purified protein products obtained are yellowish to pale yellow flakes or granules, like rice grain size, about 6 to 8 mesh, belonging to natural Of the polymer polypeptide. Animals such as pigs, Blue-white Medicinal Gelatin Hollow Capsules cattle, donkeys, horses, chickens, fish, bone and skin can be used, and now the most commonly used is the production of pigs, cattle skin and bone. Gelatin production process description: raw material pretreatment → extraction → purification → steaming → condensate → drying → crushing → mixing → packaging.

Capsules are familiar with the use of gelatin as the main ingredient made of small packaging containers, can be used to package drugs, with the built-in drugs swallowed medicinal accessories. Blue-white Medicinal Gelatin Hollow Capsules Gelatin is the main material of the capsule (usually about 90% of the capsule ingredients). Hollow capsules have a beautiful appearance, can mask the smell of drugs, easy to swallow, with good disintegration ability, longer shelf life and other advantages, and thus by the consumer welcome. Blue-white Medicinal Gelatin Hollow Capsules At present, the global gelatin production of about 30 million tons, of which more than 70,000 tons for the production of medicinal capsules, accounting for about 25% of the total gelatin.

Gelatin solution after condensation, Blue-white Medicinal Gelatin Hollow Capsules will form a unique elastic jelly, different gelatin its water absorption, dissolution temperature, condensation temperature are different. The use of gelatin gel and gel reversible physical properties of the conversion, Blue-white Medicinal Gelatin Hollow Capsules gelatin water and other ingredients, through the modern capsule technology made of various types, shapes, color of the hollow capsule.

So how to choose the safe, the application of gelatin? Capsule manufacturers in the use of gelatin in addition to the choice of their own conditions to adapt to the necessary conditions such as gelatin freezing force and viscosity indicators, but also must focus on the safety of gelatin. If you choose unsafe gelatin, capsules are not safe.

(1) QB2354-2005 medicinal gelatin light industry standard, there are 18 control indicators; (2) Pharmacopoeia 2005 edition of two, there are 12 control indicators; (3) recently in the The proposed Pharmacopoeia 2006 supplemented this (hard) capsule gelatin "draft", there are 15 control indicators. Blue-white Medicinal Gelatin Hollow Capsules These are nearly 2 years to develop, revised, indicating that the state of the quality of gelatin attached great importance.

The Pharmacopoeia 2005 edition 2006 Supplementary appendix Contents Medicinal gelatin hard capsules The standard drafts related to gelatin in the draft, increased the control limit of chromium ≤ 2mg / kg, and the control limit of heavy metals ≤ 40mg / kg. This is for some of China's current non-standard capsule production enterprises, the use of some non-standard gelatin factory, operators do not meet the requirements of the standard gelatin gelatin gelatin, the manufacture of poor quality capsules and proposed to add. Blue-white Medicinal Gelatin Hollow Capsules To reduce the harm to the human body.

Blue alum leather is tannery after tanning by chrome salt cut off the leather waste processed by the production of plastic, containing a lot of chromium, Blue-white Medicinal Gelatin Hollow Capsules the human health there is a serious potential harm, can only be used as industrial glue. Blue alum rubber in the hexavalent chromium if the body is long-term absorption, can cause mucosal inflammation, ulcers, Blue-white Medicinal Gelatin Hollow Capsules skin allergies, skin eczema, nasal septum ulcers, asthmatic bronchitis.

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