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Can The Gelatin Hollow Capsule Be Taken For A Long Time
Dec 27, 2017

Warm hint: gelatin hollow capsule is not recommended for long term use, and it is not recommended.

Gelatin hollow capsule plus gelatin hollow hard capsule excipients, capsule shape slender, easy to swallow, is the most popular form; in addition, the capsule can effectively conceal the contents of unpleasant taste and odour, truly realize the medicine no longer bitter in the mouth. As for the long-term use of gelatin hollow capsule can do that, I can tell you that no matter what kind of drugs are good, if you use for a long time, it is possible to take drug resistance or dependence, of course, every patient's situation is different, so the gelatin hollow capsule taken for a long time and can no, advise patients to the hospital for the best to consult a doctor, then decide this problem.

gelatin hollow capsule

In addition, you must pay attention to not being able to stop the medicine on your own, because self stopping drug is likely to rebound. If we want to prevent the rebound reaction, we must do that when we stop or replace the long-term medication, we should take a gradual reduction method. When the drug needs to be replaced, we can take a slow stop method, first add new drugs on the basis of the original medicine, and gradually reduce the quantity of the original drug until it is discontinued. In the period of drug withdrawal, the original drug should still be prepared. Once the rebound phenomenon occurs, it can be reused again. In general, the rebound symptoms will disappear by themselves.

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