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Capsules Of Three Main Features
Nov 14, 2016

And safety:

Because the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose from non-genetically modified plants, commonly known as the botanical hollow, harmful residues well below traditional hollow gelatin capsules, which itself contains proteins and amino acids, plus a special production process, bacteria is difficult to further pollution, chlorine-free ethanol residual worries, more secure.

Second, the stability:

Hydroxypropyl methyl fiber turbulent hollow because of the water content in 5%-7%, special requirements on moisture content of up to 3%, suitable for filling various types of contents, ensuring its Crosslinking, child stable molecular structure, suitable for filling oxygen sensitivity, rapid-release drugs, making content more secure, digestion more thorough, more significant.

Third, universality:

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose hollow water is low, stable molecular structure, particularly of TCM pharmaceutical filling, products for storage and transportation, environment and geographical requirements without demanding hollow gelatin capsules, can meet all kinds of requirements, because it is a plant fiber without any side effects on the human body, returned to vegetarianism and provides new choices of different religious beliefs.

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