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Empty Gelatin Capsules Different Colors Flexible
Oct 20, 2017

Gelatin hollow capsules made of capsules with gelatin as excipients plus medicinal (edible) excipients; this product has a cylindrical shape, the combination of the hat and the two pieces of hard and flexible air capsule, with different colors And lock the mouth. This product is opaque (including titanium dioxide), empty Gelatin Capsules Different Colors translucent (including pigment but not titanium dioxide), transparent (without pigment and titanium dioxide); capsule should be smooth, uniform color, incision smooth, no deformation, no smell

Production of gelatin hollow capsule used in raw and auxiliary materials, empty Gelatin Capsules Different Colors should meet the national statutory standards, after passing the test, before feeding.

Feeding should be accurately measured by the process prescription, the production in strict accordance with the operating procedures to ensure that the production process of semi-finished and finished product quality.

The production process should be in the 100,000 air purification level and constant temperature and humidity in the workshop.

Semi-finished and finished products of gelatin hollow capsules should be stored in a cool dry place.

Mixing titanium dioxide and capsules with gelatin and purified water in a ball mill, at 40 to 50oC, at 40 revolutions per minute, grinding for 6 to 8 hours, grinding the titanium dioxide powder, empty Gelatin Capsules Different Colors filtering with a 120 to 140 mesh filter bag, The total amount of purified water was 7.5 kg.

Weigh the approved capsules with gelatin plus purified water soaked, so that full water swelling, and then add enough hot water and other additives, in the 80 oC heating test dissolved into a uniform glue. Use 200 mesh filter bag to filter the glue into the insulation barrel, at 50 ± 2 oC under static insulation.

Will glue the barrel of glue to peel, adjust the concentration to be used. Choose the appropriate specifications of the capsule mold, even coated with stripping oil, empty Gelatin Capsules Different Colors automatic screw dipping machine will be immersed in the plastic mold slowly rose, and automatically flip into the drying line, the drying line temperature of 34 ~ 36 oC, Relative humidity of 60 to 70%.

With the stripping machine to remove the empty capsule on the mold, mold release when the dryness of the rough, in case of too dry or too tide can not be demolded, empty Gelatin Capsules Different Colors take the furnace (tide) stay for a few minutes (too dry) Stripping. Remove the capsule blanks into the plastic bag in time, fill out the process card, follow the capsule to the cutting office.

Before cutting, please carefully check whether the specifications of the automatic cutting machine steel mold are consistent with the specifications of the blanks that are cut. empty Gelatin Capsules Different Colors If the operation is normal, the cutting will be placed on the automatic cutting machine for continuous cutting. Cut a good semi-finished products and fill out the process card with the transfer to the semi-finished product inspection office, waste storage.

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