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Gelatin Hollow Capsules Continue To Study
Oct 27, 2017

In the centuries-old history of capsules, gelatin with its wide range of sources, stable physical and chemical properties and excellent processing performance has been to maintain the status of the mainstream capsule. With the increasing preference for capsules, hollow capsules are more widely used in the fields of food, Gelatin Hollow Capsules pharmaceuticals and health products.

However, the occurrence and spread of mad cow disease and foot and mouth disease has led to concerns about animal-derived products. The most common raw material for gelatin is the bones and skins of cattle and pigs, and the risks are gradually being paid attention to. In order to reduce the safety risk of hollow capsule raw materials, Gelatin Hollow Capsules industry experts continue to research and develop appropriate plant-derived cysts.

What plant-derived materials are suitable for the production of hollow hard capsules? People have tried a lot. Chinese Patent Application Publication No. 200810061238. Gelatin Hollow Capsules Application for the use of cellulose sulfate as the main capsule material; 200510013285.3 filed a starch or starch composition as the main capsule; Wang GM [1] reported chitosan capsule raw materials to create hollow capsules ; Gelatin Hollow Capsules Zhang Xiaoju et al [2] reported to konjac - soy protein as the main capsule products. Of course, the most studied or cellulose material. Among them, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) made of hollow capsule has formed large-scale production.

Gelatin hollow capsule water content is generally 12.5% -17.5% [10]. The temperature and humidity of the environment should be controlled within a suitable range both in the production, Gelatin Hollow Capsules transportation, use and preservation of the hollow capsule. The appropriate temperature of 15-25 ℃, relative humidity of 35% -65%, so that long-term to maintain product performance. The HPMC membrane contains very low moisture, typically 4% to 5%, which is about 60% lower than the water content of gelatin hollow capsules (Fig. 1). Gelatin Hollow Capsules The exchange of water with the environment during long periods of storage will increase the water content of the HPMC Hollow Capsules in the specified packaging, but will not exceed 9% in 5 years.

Probiotics are a kind of living microorganism, Gelatin Hollow Capsules and oral administration of a sufficient number of probiotics can improve the balance of intestinal microflora for the treatment of intestinal diseases. It is generally considered that only viable bacteria can produce probiotic function. However, probiotics are very sensitive to moisture, too much water will lead to the death of live bacteria [12]. DSM was filled with HPMC capsules and gelatin hollow capsules under different humidity and examined the stability of Lafti® L10 and excipients. The results showed that compared with gelatin hollow capsules, HPMC hollow capsules could keep the viable cells and prolong the prob life of probiotics (Fig. 2).

Gelatin film has a specified moisture content, if below this limit, Gelatin Hollow Capsules gelatin film will be obvious fragile. The gelatin hollow capsules without any additives have a brittle risk of 10% or more when the moisture content is 10%. When the moisture content is continuously reduced to 5%, 100% of the fragile is present. Gelatin Hollow Capsules In contrast, HPMC hollow capsules are much more resilient and maintain good performance even if the ambient humidity is low (Fig. 3). Of course, Gelatin Hollow Capsules the incidence of fragmentation of HPMC hollow capsules at low humidity will vary widely.

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