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Hollow Gelatin Capsules
Nov 14, 2016

Hollow gelatin capsules with annual output of 20 billion grains, is the most complete variety of hollow capsules manufacturer. Hollow capsule consists of gelatin and gelatin material refined the hat, consists of two capsule shells, mainly used to hold solid medications. Hollow gelatin capsules, what side effects are there?

Most capsules are made from gelatin. Many drugs for people with oral, the appearance of the effect of adding a layer of gelatin film, General drug capsule appearance can cause fire, dry mouth. Experts said this drug on human health is not very good, so I chose gelatin character appearance. This gelatin in the drug life is common.

Gelatin is widely used in many foods, such as pudding, sweets, candied fruit, chew candies, icing, food filling head and dips. In food, gelatin helps it solidified, thickening, stabilizing, ventilation, is a very popular, rich in nutrients and low fat food ingredient. Gelatin is protein, essential nutritional requirements of Supplement to the human body. Because the capsules can dissolve quickly and reliably and safely. Hollow gelatin capsules are cylindric, set and lock the CAP and the body mass of the two sections is both hard and flexible air sacs. SAC body should be smooth, uniform color, incisions, without distortion, the same odor. Hollow gelatin capsules are free of side effects, which is a protein product!

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