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How Long Will The Capsule Shell Melt
Jan 19, 2017

How long will the capsule shell melt? Some consumers may have had a similar experience, bought some capsules preparation home, nothing else, put the capsule drug removed, the capsule shell into the water, some gelatin capsules dissolved in half an hour to produce much Dissolved, the whole pot of water have become very turbid. Many consumers are therefore concerned about the safety of the capsule shell. Capsule shells can eat, capsule shell composition is what the animal source gelatin capsule shell can not eat, put a gelatin capsule shell to the mouth, the capsule shell chew not bad not digestible. Capsule shell components are mainly animal source of gelatin and plant sources of starch capsules. Capsules that meet national regulatory requirements have no side effects.

How long will the capsule shell dissolve? Our stomach completely emptying time takes about 4-6 hours, so in the diet should be careful, let the food into the stomach full contact with the gastric juice, is conducive to digestion and absorption of stomach and emptying. The correct approach to oral capsule preparation is to use about 200 milliliters of water to capsule swallowing into the stomach, the capsule shell in the stomach at the right time and speed slow disintegration and release, in order to facilitate the absorption and utilization of capsule content, The quality of the capsule shell is good is very important. One of the reasons for making capsules is to worry about the contents of the capsule shell will stimulate the body's digestive tract, the capsule shell is used here to protect the digestive tract, where the digestive tract is the mouth, pharynx and esophagus. Hard capsules disintegration time is the number of capsule preparations must be checked items, hard capsule preparation prescription screening is generally based on the basic indicators of tablets, such as: hard capsule disintegration time, hardness, fragility, traits, For the first screening. If the tablet is orally disintegrating tablets, dispersible tablets, etc., should be the characteristics of the dosage form to be screened, such as oral disintegration tablets required collapsed, it is necessary to focus on disintegration rate, that is, prescription optimization.

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