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Medicinal Hollow Capsule Shell Wide Range Of Sources
Oct 31, 2017

In the centuries-old history of capsules, gelatin with its wide range of sources, Medicinal Hollow Capsule Shell stable physical and chemical properties and excellent processing performance has been to maintain the status of the mainstream capsule. With the increasing preference for capsules, Medicinal Hollow Capsule Shell hollow capsules are more widely used in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals and health products.

However, the occurrence and spread of mad cow disease and foot and mouth disease has led to concerns about animal-derived products. The most common raw material for gelatin is the bones and skins of cattle and pigs, and the risks are gradually being paid attention to. Medicinal Hollow Capsule Shell In order to reduce the safety risk of hollow capsule raw materials, industry experts continue to research and develop appropriate plant-derived cysts.

In addition, with the increase in the variety of capsules, Medicinal Hollow Capsule Shell the diversity of its contents has gradually made it clear that gelatin hollow capsules and some special nature of the contents of the compatibility problems. For example, containing aldehydes or under certain conditions to produce aldehyde content, may lead to gelatin cross-linking; reducible content, may be associated with gelatin reaction (MailardReaction ); Moisture content of the contents of the capsule will make the capsule water loss, Medicinal Hollow Capsule Shell loss of the original toughness. The stability of the gelatin hollow capsule makes the development of new type of capsule material more attention.

Gelatin hollow capsule placed in a high humidity environment, Medicinal Hollow Capsule Shell the capsule shell will become soft after the water, deformation, and even collapse. HPMC Hollow Capsules maintain good morphology and performance even under high humidity conditions. Medicinal Hollow Capsule Shell Therefore, HPMC hollow capsule is highly adaptable to the environment, when the product sales area covers a variety of climate zones or storage conditions are relatively poor, HMPC hollow capsule of this advantage is particularly significant.

The cross-linking reaction of gelatin capsules is a thorny problem encountered with capsule preparations. Since the aldehyde group of the contents reacts with the amino groups of the amino acids in the gelatin to form a network structure, the capsules are difficult to dissolve under the dissolution conditions in vitro, Medicinal Hollow Capsule Shell thus affecting the release of the drug. Hypromellose is a cellulose derivative that is chemically inert and has excellent compatibility with most substances. Therefore, HPMC hollow capsules are not at risk of cross-linking and have high chemical stability.

Enteric-coated capsules are used in drugs that are susceptible to gastric acid damage, irritation to gastric mucosa, or targeted administration. Medicinal Hollow Capsule Shell Internationally popular enteric-coated capsules are enteric-coated pellets and capsules. HPMC Hollow Capsules show a unique advantage in the overall coating of capsules.

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