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Plants Hollow Components Of Plant Polysaccharides
Nov 14, 2016

Also known as the plant polysaccharides of plant polysaccharides, the polymerization degree of plant cell metabolism to produce more than 10 polysaccharide. General plant polysaccharide composed of more than 100 thousands of monosaccharide composition, its nature has been very different from simple sugars, such as sweet and strong reconversion has disappeared. Function of plant polysaccharide in plants are divided into two categories: one is the support organization formed plants, such as cellulose; a class of stored nutrients for plants, soluble in hot water, colloidal solution can take after enzymatic hydrolysis to release sugar to supply energy, such as starch, inulin, and so on. Plant polysaccharide is composed of many of the same or different Monosaccharides with α or β-glycosidic compounds formed by, in plant commonly found in the natural world, include starch, cellulose, Chitosan, pectin. Due to the extensive source of plant polysaccharide and polysaccharides from different kinds of plants of different molecular structure and molecular weight. Some plant polysaccharides such as starch, cellulose, pectin, have become an important part of people's daily lives. Are discussed in this article apart from starch, cellulose, and other biologically active polysaccharides.

Study on polysaccharides in China began in the 1970 of the 20th century, in recent years, research of polysaccharide from getting hot, fast: mechanism of action and clinical aspects, from general observations to molecular, receptor levels from animal experiments, the development of clinical and health food production. The international scientific community, depending on the study of polysaccharide of frontiers of life science or to make a 21st century is the century of polysaccharides.

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine in China, many of the plants are edible, at as daily consumption of food also has medical and nutritional function. A large number of modern medical experiments also proved that eating certain plants has a significant effect in treating certain diseases: for example, pumpkin is the best food for diabetic patients, in terms of both prevention and treatment of diabetes has a significant effect; phyllanthus emblica juice can block a strong carcinogenic n-nitroso compounds in animals and synthesized in the human body.

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