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Plants Hollow VS Hollow Gelatin Capsules
Nov 14, 2016

Now, talking about the plants of the hollow against hollow animal gelatin capsules ...

1. Plants hollow is a no pollution to the environment industry

As we all know, animal gelatin production extracted from animal skin and bones used as raw material, fermentation by chemical reaction, the process adds a lot of chemicals. Gelatin factory knows, factory process makes a lot of odor, and use of water resources, cause serious pollution of air and water environment.

In Western countries, are regulated by the State, many gelatin company its factories to third world countries in order to reduce the pollution of their environment. Vegetable gum extracted a lot of is physical extraction method, extracted from marine and terrestrial plants, will not produce rotting stench, have sharply reduced the amount of water use, reducing pollution of the environment. And capsule production process, do not add any harmful substances, there is no environmental pollution. Gelatin waste utilization and produce a lot of pollution in the waste disposal. So our capsules manufacturer can claim is "zero emissions".

2. The stability of plant raw materials of hollow capsules

Gelatin production materials from a variety of pigs, cattle, sheep and other animal corpses, and the epidemic of mad cow disease in recent years, bird flu, blue ear disease, foot and mouth disease and so on are derived from animals. When retrospective investigation for drug, taking into account the capsule when the raw materials are often difficult to trace. While sources of vegetable gum from natural plants, can solve these problems.

United States FDA issued guidelines to public hospitals earlier, hoped that within a few years, United States plants hollow's market share on the market reached 80%, one of the main reasons is the problem.

Now, many pharmaceutical companies because the cost issue, repeatedly beat on hollow supply enterprises, and hollow in order to gain a foothold in such a difficult environment, it can only be unconscionable, using cheap gelatin.

According to China Association of gelatin investigations, current regular gelatin price 50,000 yuan/ton, and the price of copper sulfate skin glue only 15,000-20,000 yuan/ton. Therefore, some unscrupulous manufacturers profit-driven, industrial copper sulfate can be used skin glue (using old and old leather shoes, such as processing of gelatin) to serve as edible and medical gelatin or doping use. So the result of a vicious cycle that is people's health can not be guaranteed.

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