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The Importance Of Southern
Jan 19, 2017

Life, with capsule packaging of drugs can be seen everywhere, some people will usually peel the capsule shell, the drug into the spoon to take. In particular, parents, when the child appears sick symptoms, because the child refused to take drugs directly, it is painstaking - often doping some milk mix, to the child. They are for this method, it is time-tested. As everyone knows, this way, really make the stomach very hurt!

It is understood that Ms. Cheng a few days ago because the child suddenly cold fever, to the pharmacy to buy the children cold capsules particles. As the child just turned two years of age is particularly sensitive to medication, despite the mother to persuade, but the child is "not buy it."

In desperation, she will shell shell into the trash, the cold particles poured into the milk spoon filled with the spoon, the children take. After taking a series of five or six days, the child's symptoms of fever have been alleviated. However, the night before yesterday, the child suddenly cried more than stomach, hastily seek medical treatment, that the child suffering from acute gastritis. The reason was - she gave her child medication, not the capsule shell together.

According to reports, some drugs easily decomposed in the mouth of the enzyme, if stripped shell will fail. Gastrointestinal irritation of the drug strong, peeling may cause stomach pain. 

Sustained-release, controlled-release and enteric-coated capsules can not be peeled off, otherwise it will affect the onset time. Delivery service capsule should not choose hot water, so as not to soften the capsule shell, attached to the esophagus to speed up the drug release rate, affect the onset time.

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